A Word document coming from an OCR conversion or a PDF saved directly to .docx format using Acrobat, might sometimes look fine at first glance. But... will it be suitable for translation? Well, probably not. These types of files need to be properly prepared and reviewed before using them with any CAT-tool, to ensure that the translation will be successful.

The file below shows a few examples of conversion results and why the file preparation is important. If you want to read the complete guide and see more examples, you can read it on our website. Find the link below in the comments!

It is very important for us that the documents we work on look as pleasant as possible. Therefore, running into orphans or widows can be very annoying when doing DTP. These are common things that we stumble upon in translated target files where the text either shrinks or extends.
These issues can interrupt a fluent reading; therefore, they should be fixed!

Check the document below for more information.


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