Founded in 2006, TTS NORDIKA has built a robust partnership with translators and Language Service Providers (LSPs), specializing in a diverse array of translation projects. Our core mission is to facilitate Multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP) services, allowing you to concentrate on translation excellence.

We collaborate with seasoned DTP experts globally, who bring an in-depth understanding of the nuances inherent in each language. This collaboration ensures that we provide you with translations that not only maintain the highest quality but also mirror the original document's design and essence.

Our services are comprehensive, ranging from simple tasks like a quick word count of scanned documents for client quotations to more complex ones like recreating source files for CAT Software compatibility, and meticulous post-translation layout adjustments for projects involving over 20 languages. Our dedicated team, comprising Project Managers, Coordinators, and DTP Specialists, is always at the ready to support and enhance your next project.


Our team consists of bilingual professionals, who are at the cutting edge of the latest technical developments. We also partner with DTP specialists all over the world that know the specific particularities of each language so we can help you deliver high-quality translation that will look attractive in any language.

Get to know the friendly faces of TTS NORDIKA! (In-house team) 😁
Helenitza Pilonitis
Operations Manager
John Mastrogiannopoulos
Marcela Perez
Senior Project Manager
Miguel Beiza
Senior DTP Specialist
Sandra Carvajal
Brand Communications Manager
Adriana Vazquez
Senior DTP Specialist
Daniela Molina
Senior Project Manager
Arlet Castro
Production Manager
Enzo Ferron
Technical Manager



Information: [email protected]
Address: Prat 827, Of 902, Valparaiso, Chile
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