The Best MS Word Shortcut Keys Cheat Sheet

Posted on December 2, 2023
Best MS Word Shortcuts

Microsoft Word is a powerful word processing tool that can help you create professional documents with ease. To get the most out of this tool, it's important to know the keyboard shortcuts that are available. In this guide, we'll cover the most useful keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Word.

MS Word Shortcut Keys

Basic Navigation and Editing Shortcuts

Select all text in the documentCtrl + ACmd + A
Copy selected textCtrl + CCmd + C
Cut selected textCtrl + XCmd + X
Hide/Show selected textCtrl + HNone
Paste copied or cut textCtrl + VCmd + V
Undo the last actionCtrl + ZCmd + Z
Redo the last undone actionCtrl + YCmd + Shift + Z
Find and replace text in the documentCtrl + FCmd + F
Bold selected textCtrl + BCmd + B
Italicize selected textCtrl + ICmd + I
Underline selected textCtrl + UCmd + U
Move the cursor one word to the leftCtrl + Left ArrowCmd + Left Arrow
Move the cursor one word to the rightCtrl + Right ArrowCmd + Right Arrow
Move the cursor one line upCtrl + Up ArrowCmd + Up Arrow
Move the cursor one line downCtrl + Down ArrowCmd + Down Arrow

Document and Page Layout Shortcuts

Move to the previous page in the documentCtrl + Page UpCmd + fn + Up Arrow
Move to the next page in the documentCtrl + Page DownCmd + fn + Down Arrow
Move to the beginning of the documentCtrl + HomeCmd + fn + Left Arrow
Move to the end of the documentCtrl + EndCmd + fn + Right Arrow
Remove character formattingCtrl + SpacebarControl + fn + Spacebar
Remove paragraph formattingCtrl + Shift + SpacebarNone
Insert a page breakCtrl + EnterCmd + Return
Insert a line breakCtrl + Shift + EnterShift + Return
Insert a tabCtrl + TabControl + Tab
Apply the Heading 1 styleCtrl + Alt + 1Cmd + Alt + 1
Apply the Heading 2 styleCtrl + Alt + 2Ctrl + Alt + 2
Apply the Heading 3 styleCtrl + Alt + 3Ctrl + Alt + 3
Apply the Normal styleCtrl + Alt + NCtrl + Alt + N
Apply the List Bullet styleCtrl + Shift + LNone

View and Window Shortcuts

Close the current documentCtrl + WCmd + W
Close all documentsCtrl + Shift + WCmd + Option + W
Switch to the next open documentCtrl + F6Cmd + `
Switch to the previous open documentCtrl + Shift + F6Cmd + Shift + `

Table and List Shortcuts

Create a new tableCtrl + TNone
Convert text to a tableCtrl + Shift + TNone
Convert a table to textCtrl + Alt + TNone
Create a new numbered listCtrl + Alt + NNone
Create a new bulleted listCtrl + Alt + UNone
Decrease the indent level of a list itemCtrl + Shift + MCmd + Shift + M
Increase the indent level of a list itemCtrl + MControl + Shift + M

Miscellaneous Shortcuts

Open the Microsoft Word Help windowF1Cmd + Shift + /
Open the Find and Replace dialog windowCtrl + HControl + H
Copy the format of selected text or objectCtrl + Shift + CCmd + Shift + C
Paste the copied formatCtrl + Shift + VCmd + Shift + V
Insert the current dateAlt + Shift + DControl + Shift + D
Insert the current timeAlt + Shift + TControl + Shift + T
Convert text to SubscriptCtrl + ?Cmd + =
Convert text to SuperscriptCtrl + +Control + +

Our Selection for Translation Projects

As Multilingual DTP specialists, we have found these shortcuts to be indispensable and believe they would be really great for translators to know as well.

Show Word Count PanelCtrl + Shift + GNone
Hide/Show Selected TextCtrl + Shift + HNone
Hide/Show Paragraph MarkCtrl + Shift + (None
Non Breaking SpaceCtrl + Shift + SpacebarNone
Page BreakCtrl + EnterCmd + Return
Column BreakCtrl + Shift + EnterCtrl + Shift + Return
Show Styles PanelCtrl + Alt + Shift + SCmd + Option + Shift + S
Show Paragraph SettingsNoneCmd + Option + M
Check the spelling and grammar F7F7
Enable Reviewing ModeControl + Shift + ECmd + Shift + E
Add a CommentCtrl + Alt + MCmd + Option + A
Run a Thesaurus checkShift + F7Control + Option + Cmd + R

These are some of the most useful keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Word. By using these shortcuts, you can save time and be more efficient while working on your documents. Practice using these shortcuts and you'll soon find that you're able to navigate and edit your documents with ease.

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