Adobe Illustrator Keyboard Shortcuts

The Best Adobe Illustrator Keyboard Shortcuts for PC and Mac

Posted on December 5, 2023
Boost your Adobe Illustrator efficiency with these essential keyboard shortcuts for Windows and Mac users. From quick editing to precise design control, these shortcuts streamline your creative workflow.
Photoshop Shortcuts

The Best Adobe Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts for PC and Mac

Posted on December 5, 2023
Unlock the true potential of Adobe Photoshop with our comprehensive guide to essential keyboard shortcuts. Whether you're a Windows or Mac user, these time-saving shortcuts will supercharge your workflow, allowing you to navigate through Photoshop's powerful tools and features like a pro. Say goodbye to the hassle of hunting through menus and hello to efficient, precision editing.

A4 Paper Dimensions: The Guide to "ISO A" Sizes

Posted on December 3, 2023
A4: The Foundation of ISO A Sizes Dimensions: A4 paper is the cornerstone of ISO A sizes, and it's likely the size you're most familiar with. Its dimensions make it a versatile choice for various design and printing needs. Here's why A4 is so popular: Reasons for A4's Popularity: Now, let's take a closer look […]
How to QR

How to Create a QR Code: A Step-by-Step Guide with Free Generators

Posted on December 2, 2023
Discover how to effortlessly create QR codes with our step-by-step guide. Learn to choose the right QR code generator, customize your code, and ensure it meets your needs. Whether for personal or business purposes, our guide simplifies the process, including tips on size, visibility, and testing for optimal usage. Dive into the world of QR codes and unlock new possibilities in sharing information!
Best MS Word Shortcuts

The Best MS Word 365 Shortcut Keys Cheat Sheet for PC & Mac

Posted on December 2, 2023
Using keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Word can significantly boost productivity when creating professional documents. This guide explores the most useful shortcuts for basic navigation and editing, providing tips to efficiently maximize your use of the tool.

Layout considerations

Posted on October 4, 2023
Text direction and layout are critical aspects of Multilingual DTP. Languages may be read from left to right, right to left, or even top to bottom. Adapting your layout to accommodate bidirectional text is essential for maintaining a seamless user experience. Pay attention to element alignment, spacing, and the hierarchy of design elements to ensure […]

Typography and font selection

Posted on September 11, 2023
One of the first considerations in Multilingual DTP is font selection. Fonts are not universally compatible across all languages. Each font may support a specific set of characters and diacritics, and these limitations can become apparent when trying to display text in languages that the font was not designed for. Using a font that lacks […]

Tips for implementing Multilingual DTP

Posted on September 8, 2023
Implementing Multilingual Desktop Publishing can be a complex task, but with the right approach, it can greatly benefit your business! Here are five tips to keep in mind for successfully implementing multilingual desktop publishing: ✅ Plan ahead: Before beginning your project, it's important to plan ahead and identify any potential issues or challenges that may […]


Posted on February 20, 2023
Our team has created a Multilingual DTP cheatsheet for Turkish to aid DTP specialists who are working on these translations. We are open to suggestions and would greatly appreciate any feedback on how we can further improve this resource.

Think twice about your email attachments.

Posted on February 16, 2023
In today's fast-paced digital world, email has become the preferred method of communication for many people. However, attaching documents to emails can have potential drawbacks and security risks.

Why ABBYY FineReader is a Must for Translators

Posted on February 8, 2023
ABBYY FineReader is a powerful OCR software that enables translators to digitize scanned documents and PDFs with ease and accuracy, helping them to deliver high-quality translations in a timely manner while avoiding the time-consuming and error-prone task of manually typing out text.

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